non_profit_organization_blogNon Profit Organization Blogs has become a very popular way to attract new members. Blogging for Non Profit Organization usually requires posts published anywhere from once a week to once a day. Each post serves as an important draw to new visitors in the target market.

Attracting New Viewers
Organizations use blog articles to attract viewers who may have never heard of their intitution before, but are part of the target market that they believes is their best member. As viewers search for topics they have an interest in, relevant articles appear in the search results and lure the reader to your non profit organization website. This attracts a wide number of viewers who are not looking for a specific service in your non profit website, but may be intrigued to purchase or have need of one down the road.

An organization blogging for non profit purposes identifies keywords and keyword phrases that their audience would use on a regular basis by pinpointing common interests, problems and questions. The business would then publish articles written to directly provide information, a solution or an answer to those very subjects. The subjects should all relate to the target audience, but does not focus solely on the product or service of the users. Instead, the non-profit blogs will act as a gateway, ushering curious viewers onto the site for a better look at what else the organization can offer them.

Proving Knowledge and Leadership
As your Non Profit Organization continues to publish the 2 or 3 blog posts in a week, you will begin to develop an archive of important blog content information and good advice that will continue to provide value to the viewer. Many internet users read blogs and trust them to provide accurate advice:

  • 81% of consumers trust the advice they find on blogs (BlogHer)
  • 61% of consumers based a decision to purchase on a blog post recommendation (BlogHer)
  • 77% of users on the internet read blog posts (the future buzz)

As your Non Profit Organization Blogs produces these articles that are important to the reader, your organization will prove knowledge in your industry. Consumers will be able to see your brand in a different way as you lead them to answers and interest them with stories. This will show your audience a different side of your company – a side that is strong, experienced and helpful.

Non-Profit Blogs

Choosing Your Content
The best blog content to offer your customers will inspire them or fulfill a need they have. The content your intitution produces should be sensational and valuable to the reader, calling them to return again and again for more of that value. By offering this service to the target audience, your non-profit blog will become an authority these viewers trust and choose over the competition.

Choosing blogging for organization topics may include considering:

  • Lifestyle tips that appeal to your target audience
  • Local events in your target audience’s area
  • In-depth answers to questions about your product/service
  • Organization news that is relevant to your customers
  • Organization special events that is relevant to your customers
  • Tips for any events your product/service might be used for

Limit articles that specifically deal with advertising products – the power of blogging for business you need to implement in your organization it is the same purposes is based on connecting with your customers or members and supplying value, not throwing another advertisement at them.

A Step-by-Step Informative Guide
Your Non Profit Organization will find that blogging is a successful way to attract new members. For a complete guide to beginning the proven blogging method for businesses that you can use in ypur organization, request our free eBook “An Introduction to Business Blogging.” Start your blogging for organization success off strong or repair a struggling corporate blog with important tips on promoting, measuring success and writing content.

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