Warning-SEOEvery person who has ever used SEO on their website knows that it’s a complicated field with many nuances, changes and rumors, which makes it difficult to tell what really works. Some people spend money to position a website and over the course of several months realize that SEO is not yielding the results they want. In many cases it’s because they deviate from the basic truths of SEO. Learning is the first step, so we are going to cover the 5 most common mistakes that can destroy your optimization plan.

1. Cheap at twice the price SEO consultancy

One of the most serious mistakes an Internet business can make is to try to save on talent and hardware. That’s why many websites get it wrong when they think that SEO is cheap, and that someone without experience can do it. If we think about the way Amazon does SEO, do you really think they hire whoever is cheapest to direct their SEO projects? Those who look for the easiest road are now paying the consequences, since their website cannot be found by search engines.

2. My Website is SEO Friendly

Many owners think that because they already have a website that was optimized years ago with keywords they don't need to do SEO again, but this is like brushing your teeth with a brush you bought two years ago. Some of the problems you could find on your website are:

Excessive keyword repetition

Over optimized titles

Over optimization of Bold

Non-optimized photos

Old information

Footers with so many links that they are larger than the content

Slow servers that crash

3. You don’t have sales due to lack of visits

SEO is an effective sales channel when you align the objectives and the vision of a company. Most SEO plan fail in the first months of implementation because they don’t have clear objectives when it comes to promoting a product or service on your site. You need to have an analysis plan so you can measure the results, such as how many visits your website is generating, and be able to align it with a sales plan.

4. Poor quality content

Just creating content about what your website sells or offers will not give you a good result in search engines. That’s a thing of the past, nowadays Google has a new system called Hummingbird, which is so smart that it can identify when the content has been duplicated or when it is saturated with repetitive words, etc. So, what are we facing today? A need to create quality content, educational content so that anyone who goes to our website can understand how our product or service can benefit the buyer.

5. You don’t have links that refer to your website

There are many different ways to link to your content, but first you need to identify which are the appropriate channels to share your content. To do this, put a link to specific place on your website, such as your blog, services, header of page, etc. When we have our strategy and attractive content ready, where can we link our content? Good channels to use are social networks like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. You can put a link that leads to your website so users can see your content.

It’s never late to start with your SEO analysis. No matter how many mistakes you have made in the beginning. There is always calm after the storm, and you can learn much from mistakes. We invite you to share this blog with anyone you think will find it useful.

Finally, we should emphasize the need to measure the results by doing a Website SEO plan in a monthly basis for any SEO strategy. For this, there are many free tools such as Google analytic. Also, if you want run a Website SEO Analysis of your site. You can request a “Free Internet Marketing Consultation”


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