A long tail keyword is a specific search phrase that contains at least three words. Long tail keywords are important because they contain terms that individuals are more likely to use when they are closer to making a purchase.

To create a long tail keyword, start with a one or two word head term  a more generic search term, which alone is hard to rank on in search due to its broad nature. An example of a head term is the word uniforms.

Next, add more specific words or phrases to the head term to clarify and provide additional detail. Adding the words children’s and soccer result in the long tail keyword of children’s soccer uniforms.

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Expert Tip:

Refer to a keyword analytics tool, such as Google Analytics, that allows you to identify terms that are driving the most traffic to your site prioritizing those that have a higher monetization potential. After identifying your keywords, search for long tail variations using a platform such as Google’s Keyword Tool.

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