Website-content-writingFor any Website SEO plan to succeed, we must not lose sight of a third aspect: the web content pages. In the field of what does SEO mean, it is not enough to know how to optimize a URL or the structure of a site.

Very synthetically, this concept could be defined as the place where users come to learn about a particular subject, and in which the visitor is not redirected to other subsections.

To effectively design a website content writing page, you must consider several factors. These are the most relevant:

Satisfies a demand from users

To position a b2b website well in search results, not enough to create quality website content writing. Although providing information with high added value, the website content writing do not work if the subject not catch the user attention, which will cause the page receives few visitors. For a content bear fruit, it is to deal with one aspect that really attract users to the website.


It is easy to link to that content

Although it may seem otherwise, is not always easy to access. An example would be an infographics in a slide published on SlideShare platform without their own URL. While it may be relevant and attractive, there is no way to access it directly.

The content is well optimized

With the right words or keywords in bold and distributed naturally throughout the text, including images with descriptions, etc. Just one last point before finishing: in addition to all aspects underlined, it is important to ensure that the content is seen as such, and not appear as an ad or a format similar to spam .

Besides taking into consideration the above aspects, we must not forget that the content should be directed to Website SEO analysis. This is achieved when all of these three aspects help to develop your b2b website content writing. 

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