eBook.pngAn eBook is simply the electronic version of a printed book. The purpose of an eBook in marketing is to generate leads, so it is important to focus on a topic that naturally leads your audience further into the sales funnel.

Although your intent from a marketing perspective is lead generation, your intent from a content creation perspective should be to focus on an area that your audience wants to learn more about. How to and best practice approaches tend to perform well in the eBook format.

Because an eBook is digital (as opposed to a PDF or Word document), it allows you to incorporate opportunities for your reader to take action. Encourage readers to click links, sign up for your blog or watch a video.

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Expert Tip:

A lot of work goes into creating an eBook. Make your eBook go further by using bits and pieces of it as standalone content. Break eBook chapters into a blog series, use images from your eBook on social media, create a podcast based on your eBook content.

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