Inbound_Marketing.pngInbound marketing is the process that focuses on attracting customers or leads by aligning the content you publish with the interests and needs of prospective customers. The purpose of inbound is to use content offers to naturally attract leads, who you then can convert, close and delight over time.

In contrast to inbound marketing, traditional marketing generally uses techniques that are interruptive by pushing content to individuals whenever the marketer wants even when potential customers don’t want it. The rise of digital technology has made the traditional approach less effective and more expensive.
Consumers today don’t want to be sold to, they want to be entertained and educated. Use inbound tactics to deliver the information your leads and customers want and need to make well-informed decisions for themselves.

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Expert Tip:

If you are interested in moving towards the inbound method, think of ways you can make your marketing part of a conversation. Instead of interrupting people with radio ads, create a podcast on topics potential customers want to listen to. Instead of buying ad space in print publications, develop a business blog that on topics that matter to your audience. Instead of cold calling or mass mailing, use SEO and useful content to bring customers who are interested in a topic to you.

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