A follow up email is an email that is sent after a visitor or lead takes a specific action indicating interest in a specific content offer. The purpose of a follow up email is to engage your target audience and deepen the relationship with the intent of bringing them further into the sales funnel.

A follow up email is usually sent via your marketing automation platform or in some instances, directly by a member of your sales team if that individual happens to be a sales qualified lead. Actions that can trigger a follow up email include signing up to receive your emails, subscribing to a blog, registering for a webinar, downloading an FAQ document or making a purchase, among other actions.

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Expert Tip:

Just as a follow up email can be triggered by an action, it can also be triggered by inaction. Follow up emails can be sent when a prospect signs up to receive an eBook but doesn’t download it, after a lead meets with a sales team member but has to yet communicate a purchase decision or if a customer puts items in their shopping cart but doesn’t complete the checkout process.


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