HubSpot.pngHubSpot is a marketing software and content management system that is built around the inbound marketing methodology. In fact, it is said that the term “inbound marketing” was coined by Brian Halligan, one of HubSpot’s founders.

HubSpot is focused on providing customers a marketing automation platform where they can easily develop, deploy, manage and track inbound campaigns across email, social media,blogs, websites, SEO and more.

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HubSpot practices what it preaches by way of publishing a plethora of inbound best practices, tips and guides that effectively draw marketers into HubSpot’s own sales funnel.

Expert Tip:

There are many powerful marketing automation platforms available on the market, but inbound marketing isn’t set and forget. Regardless how great the platform you choose, inbound marketing success comes only after an investment of time, talent and knowledge.

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