Social_Media_Monitoring.pngSocial media monitoring, also known as social media listening, is the process of actively monitoring what is being said about your company, competitors or a specific topic across social media platforms. Social media monitoring allows you to gain insight into public opinion, identify influencers and industry trends, provide customer support and reach prospects.

In addition to monitoring traditional social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, social media monitoring tools also crawl and index blogs, comment sections on news sites, message boards and wikis in order to gauge overall conversation volume and sentiment on specific topics or brands.

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There are many social media monitoring tools available ranging from free options to sophisticated enterprise solutions. To start your social media monitoring efforts, set up monitoring streams surrounding your company name, products or services, competitors and industry.

Expert Tip:

Knowing how the internet feels about a specific topic or your brand is great, but it’s even more impactful if you put those findings into action. Practical applications of social monitoring findings include putting increased emphasis on a social media channel if you find that is where a large portion of your audience congregates, creating more content around a topic in your industry that is getting a lot of buzz and engaging SMEs and influencers in your space.

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