Marketing-SolutionsThe internet is the great equalizer of all businesses if the right marketing strategy is used. In the last 10 to 15 years, marketing has changed drastically to include online inquiries. Potential customers are not only looking to purchase items, they are doing pricing comparisons, how the item works, other customer reviews, and company reviews. 

Within the last two to three years, the marketing solutions has further changed from an outbound strategy, where a company sends out it's message to thousands of potential customers, to an inbound strategy, where a company creates consistently valuable marketing content through a variety of channels that draws customers to your website.

Convincing upper level management, including the CEO, to include online marketing strategies that are increasingly diverse can be a daunting task. Below are some tips that can be used to put together a presentation that will show not only how invaluable online marketing solutions are, but how necessary these marketing strategies are to a companies financial future. 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • This is and will remain for the foreseeable future the granddaddy of marketing strategies and involves using key words and images for your business so that search engine algorithms will bring up relevant pages that include the products you sell. The importance of this strategy cannot be over emphasized

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  • Content Marketing

    • Companies are gaining trust with potential customers by creating interesting and valuable content through blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. By using these social media channels to send out relevant information, you can steadily build a rapport and credibility with potential audiences. A valuable part of this strategy is constructing simple, yet appealing messages with clean, uncluttered aesthetics.
  • Social Media Diversity

    • Not so long ago, companies would put up a Facebook page, throw some product advertising on a couple of times a week and call it good. Customers almost never paid any attention to them and they resulted in few if any conversions. The company's who are successful using social media strategy use a diverse interaction strategy. This can be in the form of contests, content marketing, and engaging interactive activities. Avoid hard sell techniques of the past. 
  • Image-Centric Content

    •  Grabbing the immediate attention of a potential customer is the number one goal of any business. It's a fact that today's customers generally have a shorter attention span. People are busy and may not always have a lot of time or desire to devote to shopping. Using image-centric content is an excellent way of presenting products and getting potential and returning customers to stay interested in what you have to say. This should be an in the top tier of your content marketing solutions
  • Mobile Friendly Content

    • When designing marketing strategies, and particularly with younger audiences, mobile strategies are a must. If you are not creating alternate versions of a website for mobile and tablet based audiences, you can lose out on half or more of potential customers.
  • Ad Retargeting

    • Browser cookies are an important component of marketing strategy. This allows companies to track what websites users visit and then retarget them with ads for those products on other websites. With low conversion rates on first time visits to any sites, this reminds customers that they might still be interested in your products after all. Make these ads attention grabbers by offering incentive to revisit your site. If you do not have this in your website is time to think in a website redesign to implement new marketing strategies.

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