small business marketing blogIf you want people to learn about your business, service, benefits and how to solve problems with your solutions, then using a Small Business Marketing Blogs can provide that connection. Unlike traditional advertising, email blasts, newsletters and similar, blogs provide an entirely different picture and conduit to bring in customers. The reason has to do with the nature of the tool: it provides valuable information to consumers that they may not be able to find anywhere else.

Think of a Marketing blog as a reference library. People constantly use the Internet to find answers to questions. That answer may eventually lead a person to calling a business for a solution, but that's not the first thing that was being looked for. Instead, people often put in search queries trying to find out how to solve a challenge or what is the best process to use to fix something.

A blog can capture such request far more effectively than generic advertising. Because blog posts and related content can literally provide detailed answers and information related to a request, a business can make a connection with a consumer that might not otherwise happen. Well-written content not only provides an answer to a person's original question, it informs the reader that there is more to know and contacting the business can provide additional, more valuable information going forward. If someone has taken the time to read a blog post completely in the first place, that person is far more receptive to a call to action that if they received a cold email message offering a service or product.

Learning how to write a blog post for a business is not hard, but one does need a game plan on what to write, how often to add more content, and what resources will be dedicated to support the blog. An Internet blog is bit like writing a small magazine, new articles need to be generated on a regular basis, and marketing needs to be done regularly to attract readers. So it's not a one-time affair. And, most importantly, there should be an overall game plan or marketing plan what purpose the blog will serve for a business. Too often people start a blog, and then don't know what to do with a few weeks later. Planning first avoids this common mistake.

Understanding how to write a Marketing blog post for a business also involves learning how to respond and communicate with readers as well. A good blog will allow readers to comment and generate discussions about posts. It was one of the social media features that made blogs popular before Facebook and Twitter became all the rage. So, when getting started, a business should be prepared to respond to questions and comments regularly to maintain readership and interest.

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