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Persuading people to do something seems to become every day a harder task to achieve. Nowadays, we want to get more information through all the channels we have access to before taking any chance, no matter if is about traffic, economy, family or our business.

It is normal in our hyperconnected society that we want that, which is why this switch in the way we decide things is extremely important to all business, and flight school is no exception.

However, there is an approach that comprehends the 3  flight school marketing stages that can be quite helpful to persuade the ideal students for your flight school by providing all they need the most now: Information

The Awareness Stage

Awareness Stage.jpeg

This phase finds your prospect thinking about becoming pilots and trying to find information on how to become one. These prospective students are showing “symptoms” of a need and they are in the search of a “cure” for them.

Knowing that they are in that quest, we should facilitate it by creating content specifically crafted to attract them and give them as much information as possible. Media that can be helpful for this purpose and relevant for the modern search techniques are blogs, social media posts, among others.

The Consideration Stage
Consideration Stage.jpeg

The prospect students in this phase have defined exactly the “symptoms” they’re feeling, which makes necessary to create content that addresses this state of mind.

Since they are considering more likely the fact of making a purchase, you should persuade them by sharing deeper and more detailed content about your flight school. Some tools that provide this kind of depth are webinars and guides/tours for them, provided virtually and physically for more convenience of the prospect student.

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The Decision Stage

Decision Stage.jpeg

If the prospect students are in this phase, it means that they are already in the route of a certain type of “cure” for the “symptoms” they feel and just want to find the best option within that course of action.

Given this, your flight school should aim to stand above all the competitors and the content that you create for these prospects should reflect that. Some good examples that can help in this case are meetings with the admissions team, guided visits at school and interviews with professors.

Why is important to understand the Buyer’s Journey?

Buyer Journey.png


These stages set clearly the path for the different type of prospect students you can find out there and the processes they go through. Even though it must be clear that they won’t necessarily go through all phases, the Buyer’s Journey is a terrific tool to guide your prospect students.

By knowing all the possible routes that will bring your prospect students to become part of your family, you will be able to meet them halfway by providing all the information they need to make a decision.


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