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Sure, an advertisement’s placement on the web is important, but if you don’t know how it’s performing it isn’t much good, is it? Ads are supposed to be a vehicle that drives traffic to your site, and marketers are charged with using that data to determine the viability of an Internet marketing ROI program.

The major social networks are an integral part of most every ROI marketing program and if used properly, can be a very effective marketing tool. However, lacking the ability to properly interpret the numbers, determining their effectiveness can be difficult. Analytics software isn’t much help either since the sheer complexity of the data can sometimes baffle even the most seasoned SEO expert. Nevertheless, understanding these numbers is the key to managing an effective Internet marketing ROI campaign.

Here are some suggestions that may help make you a more effective marketer:

Set Goals 

marketing ROI

Using software like Google Analytics is excellent for gathering data and monitoring the progress of a campaign, but as a marketer, your interest should go beyond that. When beginning a e-mail marketing campaign, you should already have in mind what it is you expect from it: how many Signup you expect; how much revenue you expect it to generate; and how much time you expect each visitor to spend there.

One way to monitor such activity is by using tracking code. The visitor could be asked to fill out a questionnaire about his experience on the site. Once the visitor fills out the questionnaire, he’ll be redirected to another page containing the tracking code. Thereafter, every time he returns to the site, he will be immediately recognized.

This will enable you to measure how each page is performing and monitor the behavior of repeat visitors.

Using Ad Words and AdSense

Ad Words and AdSense are excellent tools for determining how much you’re spending on a campaign each month. But, figuring out whether it is a worthy measuring marketing ROI investment is another matter. Is the ROI worth the expenditure, or should those resources be redirected?

If you haven’t been effectively monitoring the campaign, then there’s no way for you to be sure, is it? So, this would be a good time to inventory the situation and see if the campaign is worth continuing or suspending it.

Phone Tracking

The bulk of your traffic may indeed come from email campaigns and contact forms, but a lot of it will probably come via the phone. Therefore, you should endeavor to find out just how and which of your ads are generating the phone traffic, and how this affects your Interent marketing ROI strategy.

Call tracking software allows you to see just where the caller is calling from and, thereby, determine which ads on your site prompted his call. Some software even gives you the ability to record the call so you can see how well the process is working at every level.

Comprehensive ROI marketing involves more than analytics software; it involves a hand-on approach that is willing to look beyond the numbers.

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