Marketing ROI formula

When it comes to running marketing campaign, most marketers know that in order to get customers they have to implement a solid marketing strategy. However, few marketers understand that a truly successful b2b marketing strategy requires the launch of a well coordinated plan of attack.  They piecemeal together a few ideas they've picked up from colleagues, marketing gurus, and a couple of Google searches and then sit back and hope for the best such as setting out brochures, handing out business cards or even setting up a few commercial spots on local cable television. Unfortunately, these haphazard marketing plans rarely produce the return on investment that most marketers hope for, leaving them even more frustrated than before. It's in these cases where having a marketing ROI formulas that works is essential.

To illustrate this, let's assume that Mary Marketer, the marketing director for Company A, has decided to launch a new campaign for a new product her company is offering. She decides to visit his local print shop and have some brochures and a few flyers printed up that she can place them around town and get the word out. To supplement this effort, she sends out a few emails to long time customers and even hands out business cards as she goes about her day. At the end of the month, she notices that she hasn't met her sales goals and begins to wonder what went wrong and what she could have done to better promote the launch.

You might be asking yourself the same thing: what went wrong with Mary's strategy? Isn't this the way marketing is done?  And how can she develop a marketing ROI formulas to determine which methods are effective and which ones are not?  


It's important to understand that the marketing industry has changed.  Of course you, along with Mary and countless other marketing professionals, try to keep up with the latest marketing trends by attending a few workshops and keeping in touch with other marketing professionals, but marketing strategies evolve much more quickly than that.   And while print and email marketing strategies do still work, learning how to combines these with effective blog posts and other solid online marketing strategies as well as solid campaign reporting, marketing directors like yourself can maximize the effectiveness of each campaign. But, how to do design an effective online marketing strategy if you are still unsure of what a blog is or how to write one?

The easiest and most effective way for marketing professionals like yourself to launch a successful online marketing campaign is to hire a marketing partner. Marketing firms understand how to take a look at your company's goals and turn them into solid marketing campaigns designed to grow the business at a rate that allows you to remain focused on implementing these strategies.  

Marketing firms have an understanding of specific demographics and know how they want to be marketed to. They will work with you to create an effective marketing ROI formula and then create a marketing strategy for each one. These strategies may include developing a website, a mobile application, creating an email or social media marketing campaign, pay per click (PPC) campaigns and more. What's more, marketing partners can produce detailed reports that let you know what campaigns are effective and which ones aren't, so you can narrow your marketing efforts down to those that work for your business and make the best use of your marketing dollars.

One of the ways you can get started down the road of creating a better marketing ROI formulas for computing the numbers. You can find these and more valuable techniques in The 6 Marketing Metrics Your Boss Actually Cares About - a free e-book, available by clicking the ad below this article.

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