Let me introduce a comparison game that my daughter likes to play. “Daddy what is best? To be in front of 100 potential customers or to just wait for them to find your company?”

As you probably know, Google is the search engine of choice for many people around the globe with 100 billion searches per month. It is a great platform to drive traffic to your website. However, this doesn’t just happen with having a website. Yes, you read it correctly, a standard electronic brochure will not drive much traffic to your site. You are probably saying “Come on! My website is on Google. If I type my website address or my company name on Google you will see my website”

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The Misconception About Websites

The majority of small business owners have a misconception about websites. They believe that after launching their beautiful, cutting edge website. What do they believe? Emotions are high, they check their beautiful masterpiece every day. They blast all their family members, friends, leads, and customers with emails. They receive some emails for a job well done and what happens after 1 or 2 months? The bubble bursts. They realize that their masterpiece is not generating the results they were expecting, making them feel confused and frustrated. Why is this not working?

Marketing is an Activity not a Massive Bomb

If you were launching your website in the 90s you would probably have a better chance at ranking high on Google and be in front of potential customers. Unfortunately, we are in the year 2015. Google indexes an average of 20 billion pages per day. This means that Google has a massive database with thousands of companies just like yours. So how you can stand out from all those other companies that offer the same product or service?

Google gives priority on their search engine results (SERP) to pages that answer users’ questions The way Google does this is by using keywords. As soon as any user submits his/her search request Google searches on its database for the most relevant content for this user and in just a couple of milliseconds you are provided with pages, places, or ads for what you looking for.

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Blogging is a Good Alternative to Increase your Website Traffic

As mentioned above, people are asking questions and we need to provide the answers. By creating a blog and posting articles regularly you will have more chances to rank high on search engines result pages. Google will also start to see your website as an authority of that subject or industry. Therefore it will convert your website traffict low in a better ranking over your competitors. A good start to increase a Miami SEO for your blog is to create a Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) page. Just come up with some questions and explain the answers in a blog post.

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