how-fix-goals-and-objectivesIf I ask any business owner or president of an organization, do you want to make your organization grow? The answer is obvious and if I ask what the Business Goals are for this year the answer is similar “I want to make my organization grow” Then what is going wrong?

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If you are willing and interested on making a change so your organization changes direction and reaches the next level, this article is for you. If you are not willing or are satisfied with what you have achieved go and enjoy life. If you expect different results, don’t always do the same. Albert Einstein

Frequently I speak to business owners that want to take their organizations to the next level but it is very hard to do. They find themselves frustrated because they don’t know what it is they need to be able to make their organizations grow and prosper, they have large aspirations but at the end of each year everything goes back to how it was or worse.

Symptoms of bad Business Goals and Objectives

  • Sales are the same or worse than last year
  • We have set up goals but they don’t get met
  • We keep having the same customers we’ve always had
  • We create lots of special offers but don’t see any result
  • If I am not able to meet my goals things will get worse
  • We want to grow, work hard but aren’t able to.

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What is a goal?

End towards which the actions or wishes of someone are aimed at. This definition is clear and means we must direct our ACTIONS towards an END. But these actions must be oriented towards reaching those goals. It’s easy to get lost in the way and start to perform all types of actions that lead us nowhere. That is why it’s important to create SMART Business Goals to be able to have what we want to reach and how, clear and detailed.

S.M.A.R.T. Business Goals

Smart goals come from the acronym SMART and allow us to align our actions needed to reach our goals.

Specific: Clients, Contacts, Sales

Measurable: We must have a number or percentage

Attainable: Understand the points of reference or historic results in that area

Relevant: Does this have to do with the final goal?

Timely: Happens within a specific time frame


It’s important that you write them down and that your team knows them. This will allow each person and department in your organization to push towards the same goal. Now is the moment to put this into practice.

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Do you really want to grow your organization?

Is your website generating new business?

SMART Marketing Goals Template

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