what-does-SEO-mean-1Once I am aware that my SEO sucks, how can I figure out the answer to what does SEO mean and what do I do when my sales are decreasing?

A clear indication that your SEO is having no practical effect is that you can no longer tie any business growth or new profit to the use of your SEO in your marketing campaign, and therefore that it is no longer affecting your business growth. You can detect this in your  profit margin, lead generation, and in the behavior of  your customers. If you can not identify any new business or referred business from your  SEO efforts, it is time to reevaluate your business growth strategies and marketing plans. 

What does SEO mean to business growth

SEO is search engine optimization. It consists of feeding the search engines information that is searchable by researchers who are trying to find a  particular business or item or service. Being able to construct your website in order to secure business growth is a fundamental necessity in today’s digital marketplace. Businesses can search by niche or product or    keyword to attain the most productive search. Without effective SEO, a business cannot grow or make a reasonable profit in today’s business world.

The purpose of identifying what does  SEO mean in sales generation

SEO is designed to help drive traffic to a particular business using keywords and product types which will signal to the search engines and buyers that what your business has is  what they need. This was done traditionally only through traffic gained from use of the Internet. Recently, social media has gotten in on the act and now makes use of SEO to link buyers and sellers just as search engines did alone in the past.

How to know if your SEO “sucks?”

While “sucks” is not a traditional way of measuring the efficacy  of SEO, it is sufficiently descriptive to indicate a failure of existing SEO analysis efforts, including not being able to associate any measurable ROI, or return on investment, with the effects of a particular SEO campaign, Once it is obvious that there is no measurable ROI on a campaign, that is the indication to change methods of attracting business and marketing efforts as a whole.

What to do upon  finding the answer to what does SEO mean  that you then realize that your SEO sucks and you need to reinvent your business growth and marketing strategies

It is important to take steps which will remain valid for your business as long as you need for them to.  Implementing a change for change's sake is not going to do the business as much as a sustainable change will do. Making changes to your SEO plan strategy may include changing where you promulgate the keywords and use the SEO to more effectively reach your customers.  It may include using interactive social media avenues to glean customer feedback and employ a customer satisfaction program to let the customers know you are interested in them and not just in making sales. 

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