In recent years, the SEO analysis (short for search engine optimization or search engine optimization) has become a cornerstone of any online marketing campaign. However, despite the good results offer several factors you must be keep in mind if you want to have a successfully website SEO analysis.

website seo analysis

In General Terms, What Does SEO Mean? Encompasses all those processes that improve the visibility of a website or a website content writing results offered by search engines. For any business, it is vital that its website is placed at the top ranking on search engines (First Page) because your website pages will have more exposure to strangers and potential prospects of your organization or brand. All website pages that are shown on the first page of a search engine results receive more traffic from strangers and this means a greater number of visitors. Therefore you will have more opportunities to convert them into qualifying leads or potential customers

Although, any recommendation is infallible alone. However, there are several guidelines and key elements to check for the success of a website SEO analysis. 

Keywords Research

Before to star your website analysis, its important to identify the target keywords for your organization. Why is this important? In order to be found on search engines such us Google, Yahoo or Bing. You need to tell them what do you do and how do you help you prospects or audience to solve their challenges or problems with keywords. Keywords are use by search engine as way to understand what is your website pages about. After the search engine understand your website they will be showing website pages relevant to the posible prospect according to his/her need for information. How to identify keywords for my website? Ask yourself the following question.

  • What are your services?
  • How to do you help people to solve their challenges?
  • How customer search to resolve their challenges? Before customers become a consumer of your products/service

Page URL

website seo analysisYou must have a natural format. It is also important to include one keyword that can be easy to understand for people who are looking for information on a specific topic to solve their needs on your website pages.


Page Title

images-5In this case, it is advisable to put the keyword as close to the start of this element. For example, if the keyword you want to use is “Kitchen Remodeling", a good choice to build the title would be: "How Can Star My Kitchen Remodeling Project”

Page Headers

seo-ebook-headline-image-resized-600This is an instance of the HTML code which should not be overloaded with Keywords. Also, is text that is separated from the main body of text and appears at the top of a printed page. Word processing programs usually provide for the creation and maintenance of page headers, which are often the same from page to page, with merely small differences in information, such as page number.

Meta Description


This is called Google's description includes link next to each website in their search results. This call the attention of Internet users and incite them to click on it, it should be attractive.

Body Content 

Focuses on the ability of the website page to emphasize the topic being displayed and to maintain reader interest in that page. It’s no different from a chapter found in a book in which it must have the readability and substance in order for the message to be clearly presented to its readers.

Finally, we should emphasize the need to measure the results by doing a Website SEO plan in a monthly basis for any SEO strategy. For this, there are many free tools such as Google analytic. Also, if you want run a Website SEO Analysis of your site. You can request a “Free Internet Marketing Consultation”

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