SMART-Business-GoalsAll of us as parents need to have more free time for our children, so we would like to have less work and responsibilities in order we can spend more time and attention to our families, but why do you do what you do? For having a big house, provide a better quality education for your children or getting a better future. We often think about working pretty hard now that I’m a young people, so in the future –when I get retired—can enjoy of a decent and worthy retirement. 

Does it is true you are going to have the desired retirement? Maybe yes, but what is the cost of your retirement? Perhaps several family sacrifices or worth, start enjoying your retirement with 65 years-old, probably with your health —or your couple’s health— not in mint condition. In addition, your sons and daughters won’t be with you all the time to have fun with them and get out. That’s why sadly, 66% of Americans over 75 years-old live alone.

Having no specific plans at work

The following why in our lives we don’t get job goals through obsolete methods, so technology moves forward very quickly. Having in mind most work plans takes from 6-12 months, it is required to start working right now. For that reason I would like to attach a document, with an example plan for a printing company.

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  1. Sell $300,000 in the first year
  2. By five years increase the sales more than $2 million
  3. Maintain the level gross margin up above 50%
  4. Achieve at least 4 clients a month and maintain a previous relationship with customers
  5. Generate and evaluate a solid marketing plan

One of these objectives is becoming in the leader provider in printing services for large corporations. This company has the following plan:

  • Build a company system: We would like to create a system that can help every available people can understand and follow some steps to learn the printing process.
  • Services: Provide a service department reputable by its quality in front of competitors.
  • Branding recognition: Be well known in different channels such as online marketing, e-mail, offline publicity, direct mail, Google and others.
  • Service enhancement: Boost printing services through the development of a new line of products and an aggressive distribution for current and future customers However, this is precisely what most of us as business owners have done in the past.

My question is, did it work? That’s the main reason why –from today—we need to start having smart plans and goals in order we can enjoy of a worthy retirement before we get too old. According to another recent research, at least 24% of workers in the United States have postponed their retirement age during the last year. So, if this is your case and you need to see something different, we invite you to be aware of this new methodology reading "5 Killer SMART Business Goals Examples" . Don’t wait anymore, so do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Some other resources you can try are scheduling a weekly marketing update, a weekly product update or even reshuffling the desks so smart marketing and sales teams are mixed together.

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