website-ideasDo you ever landed on a website hoping to find the answer or information to solve a problem and when you are on that website you realize that there is no information relevant to that topic. How do you feel? You can experience a sense of deception, emptiness, or frustration when you realize that the information published on this site does not meet your expectations. To avoid this we have made a list of best practices for developing compelling website content writing to your visitors.

All Pages Must Have a Clearly Defined Goal

The first thing to understand is that each page on your site is a gateway to your visitors. Therefore, we must generate them a good impression when they knock on our doors (web pages), the content of each website is vital to ensure a good experience to our visitors. Understanding these principles our reason to create the web pages content must be the audience we want to captivate. For this we must ask two essential questions that keep us on the path to create that compelling content. Ask yourself:

  • What is this page aiming to do?
  • What do I want my visitors to experience immediately?

These two questions are essential to ensure the quality and success when creating content. Now let's review our website ideas of how to create our web pages content writing base on these questions.

Best Practices to Create Your Compelling Content

1. Do not solve many things on one page. This makes your page look cluttered and unclear. This can confuse and make your visitors become frustrated by not knowing where they should start reading or exploring your website. Think about when you're in a restaurant, the more dishes you have in the menu to read, we generated more anxiety because we do not know which one we should choose. Remember one page, one goal.

2. Make sure the content is centered around the page original goal. This makes easier to optimize the content for search engines (SEO), since we have a goal for each page you can easily align with Long Tail Keyword relevant to this topic. Helping search engines to understand what our website is about.

3 The 5 seconds test. Visitors should understand quickly (5 seconds) what your business is about and what this page is about. Show 5 seconds to employees, customers or trusted friends. What they understood after seeing the website in 5 seconds. If they describe the goal “BINGO” You have managed to captivate your audience.

4. Choose a relevant image that will help you pass your 5 seconds test. Our brains process 6,000 times faster than the text visual content. As the old saying goes "A picture is worth a thousand words"

5. Includes relevant headers which are more visible to your visitors and search engines. By using headers you are calling the attention of your visitor and likewise giving them an idea of ​​what is going to talk in the next paragraph. In the case of search engines, they love reading these headers identified as H1, H2, H3... etc. This serves as a reference to understand what your content is about.

6. Tailor your content for quick reading. As Internet users we tend to scan the content to understand the website on which we are concerned. For that reason use bold in the main ideas and relevant sentences from the website. Doing this makes it easy for your visitors to perform a quick read and absorb the most relevant content in less time.

During my 12 years as a web designer, I have come to realize how customers sacrifice the content of its websites for an advanced design. On the other hand, I do not mean that the design of your web site is not a priority, but having a website with a very attractive design but a poor relevant content is like having a book with an attractive cover but with blank pages inside. What would be your face expression with this book in your hands? Yes, I will also have the same face expression, I will look side to site and  ask myself "is this a joke?"

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