Thank_You_Page.pngA thank you page is presented after a lead submits a form on a landing page. A thank you page, as implied, thanks your new lead for their interest in your offer and delivers to your lead the content that was offered.
While a thank you page marks the end the conversion process, it provides the opportunity to move your lead further along in the buyer’s journey by providing new content offers, links to blog posts or social media profiles.To review the steps leading up to the thank you page, the conversion process begins when a visitor clicks on a Call-to-Action. Next, the visitor is taken to your content offer on your landing page, fills out the form to receive the offer and finally, is taken to your thank you page.

Expert Tip:

Your thank you page should display your site’s navigation menu. Unlike the landing page, where you want to keep your visitors focused on the offer and remove potential distractions, you want to give your leads the option to explore your site.

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