The business world is different today than it was twenty - or even ten - years ago.  Growing your business now means having an online presence.  Not only do companies need to be present on the internet, but they must also be able to stand out in an online world inundated with information.

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Internet browsers need to be "wowed" by your website. This is something can be best achieved by a web company.  Sure, there are plenty of freelancers out there who would be more than happy to work on your website.

But the question you have to ask yourself is this: Will I get the same quality with a freelancer that I would get with a company?  Website development companies offer two things that a freelancer just can't: stability and easily accessible work history. 

Stability is a quality that only website development companies can offer 100 percent.  Just as with any other business, a company who has established clients and employees is often more reliable than individuals.  In addition, there is usually a "higher-up" to whom you can voice any concerns or questions.  When you hire a freelancer, you are placing all your trust in that one person.  If something goes wrong, what accountability does that person have to you?  Who is his or her superior?  No one. 


The next quality that a website development company has to offer over a freelancer is easily accessible work history.  Traditional companies have open records of clients they have worked with in the past, and it is easy for you as a prospective client to gather this information.  When working with a freelancer, you must rely on word of mouth from people who may have a biased connection to the freelancer.  For example, the individual could easily send you searching for examples or work he has done for his mother, or reviews his best friend posted to his own personal website.  It is more difficult to get an objective look at the work of a freelancer than it is to review a company's profile and work history. 

These are only examples of why hiring a website development company is more beneficial to your business than hiring a freelance website developer.  In the end, you must base your decision on your own individual needs.  But do not underestimate the power of website when it comes to growing your business.  It is one of the most vital ingredients for your success.  Consider the impact your website content can have on your profit margin when making the decision to hire a website company. 

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