A conversion path is the process of guiding an anonymous website visitor towards becoming a known lead. The main objective of a conversion path is to promote your content and convert visitors into leads, and ultimately, nurture leads into clients.

The conversion path starts with a content offer and continues with a call-to-action, landing page and thank you page. The content provided needs to be tailored to your buyer personas and aligned with where they are in the buyer’s journey. When implemented correctly, a conversion path effectively moves your contacts further along in the buying process in order to close a sale or achieve your desired outcome.

Expert Tip:

Don’t inadvertently interfere with the conversion path. While it is tempting to provide additional information about your company and the products or services you offer, now is not the time. Remove all web navigation, unrelated links and unnecessary brand messages that could potentially derail the conversion process by confusing or distracting your visitors and leads.

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