Demand generation encompasses all marketing tactics used to create awareness about a company and its products or services. The goal of demand generation is to develop and nurture long term relationships with leads and prospects.

Traditionally associated with outbound marketing, demand generation in an inbound context spans lifecycle stages – from attracting a visitor to your website to delighting an existing customer.

To do this effectively, marketers need to promote a broad range of offers that reach contacts at every stage of the buyer’s journey. This requires using SEO, publishing blog posts and eBooks, providing product demos, hosting events and sending email campaigns.

Expert Tip:

In order to make your content more desirable to your audience and improve its performance over time, conduct A/B testing. To run an A/B test change one element from a content offer, whether that be your headline, body copy, layout, images or Call-to-Action, and then implement the elements that performed best in your test.

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