It is not a secret that every single flight school wants to grow and start attracting international student pilots. I’m sure you must be about to start the M1 visa or I20 process, which is the first requirement to start training those international students. But it is not enough just to have that permit, you also need to keep in mind the following:

  1. Admission process: The new students must have support from the admissions’ team to know more about the school, the visa process on their origin country, payments, etc. The admissions team will serve as the guide for the international students from the very first moment that they have contact with the flight school, throughout their decision making process and help them to get everything ready to start their learning journey.

  2. English proficiency: Every student must be able to read, write, and speak English at level 4 standards. This means that your flight school must ensure that the international students who become part of it comply with this requirement and also means that it must have a way to teach them the language in the case that they don’t meet the standard.

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  3. Housing: For all the student’s parents it is important to know that their son or daughter will be well put, accommodated and protected while starting a new life abroad. A need this basic needs to be met by your flight school by generating alliances with providers who can accommodate them or, ideally, have their own housing option for the students who need it, providing them comfort by taking away from them a very important concern.

  4. Student Transportation: Moving around the city is part of the daily routine and that’s why international students need to get informed about it and adapt to the systems used to transport in the location. It is important to have all good sources of information about bus schedules, car rentals, Uber rates, among others; so your flight school can provide reliable information to the students, keeping them safe and on the move.

  5. Website with Info for Intl Student: It is also important that the flight school website is optimized, so when prospective students located abroad makes a search they can find all the answers at your website before picking up a phone and make the first contact with the school. This ensures success for the student who will not have to run around and navigate several sites to get the information desired and also gives an advantage to your flight school because the students stay with your website more time, making it a favorite option for their learning process.

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With this idea in mind and working to develop each one of these steps, your flight school can start searching for those international pilots in Latin America. This is the first step that many flight schools take, however, you may also choose other countries that your school desires to reach.

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