Let’s start with an exercise that may not seem to have anything to do with flight school.

Just imagine for a second that you’re at a farm, getting along with the countryside and enjoying all the beautiful things it has to offer. You get to the grasslands where all the cows are eating but, suddenly, there’s this kinda different cow that calls your attention. You get closer and closer and once you’re right in front of it, you see this cow is purple. A special and unique purple cow.

During a TED Talk, Seth Godin told a similar story with the intent of teaching that in this hyperconnected and flooded with media advertisements, you have to be remarkably special to attract people and make them interested in what you are and what you do.

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So, is your flight school a purple cow? And, if it isn’t, what to do to make it one?

1. Knowing your potential student pilots

Using techniques (such as the buyer personas) to understand better the audiences and processes (such as the buyer journey) that allow your flight school to meet them halfway can set your company apart from the rest.

When your flight school generates the information to be able to identify the people it wants to reach and determined the correct way to do it, it’s easier to use flight school marketing dashboard to hit a target when speaking about enrollment and highlights your school abilities from the beginning.

2. Connecting with audiences with great content

When you already know how your target audience behaves, your flight school can stand out the rest by creating content (blog posts, ads, ebooks) that is tailored according to the profile determined as a buyer persona.

By doing this, the name of your flight school will resonate with the people that is reached by your content and will spread the word about how amazing your company is, and start the fire.

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3. Making the content accessible

It would not be very useful to have that unique and compelling content just sitting there, forgotten by the few eyes that saw it. To make your flight school a purple cow you must put that in front of the eyes of your prospect in creative and effective ways.

Social media is the present and it is the quickest way you can leave a remarkable impression on your potential pilot students with almost nothing else than your creativity. Personalize as much as possible your interactions, make yourself a person who can be reached with any question about your flight school and that will make your company stand out from the rest.

4. Genuinely care about what your potential students want

One last thing to make your flight school remarkable is to actually care about what your potential pilot students want and provide them with it.

Nothing speaks better of a company than making everything is in their reach to amaze the potential customers and truly become a purple cow, with all the characteristics that make it better than the rest.

Flight school marketing actions can easily take you from average cow to shiny special cow status just by applying certain principles. By putting in practice each of these steps you can become the best of the best on your niche and attract avalanches of students to your front doors!

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